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Dear all,

the pictures are online and you may search by your GPX-File or by a manual search in the database.

GPX Search: The lack of visible startnumbers on the photographs brought us the idea to give you a possibility to upload a GPX-File of the Bimbach-Ride. Our server will analyze the file automatically and return an email with views of the different galleries during the time of your passage at the photopoint. If you encounter any errors, we kindly ask you to submit your file and a short description of the error encountered and also a short description of your dress and your bike (Colours of helmet, Jersey, Brand and Color of the bike etc.)

Manual Search: Here are the coordinates of the locations of the cameras in 2024, you can do a manual search by locating your position in your GPX-File with an editor and the search command. There you find at the closest point to Lat/Lon the Time of your passage usually in UTC. Please add 2 hours time difference UTC==>MESZ and then go to the picture search, enter e.g. "06-03 BS24" for getting all photos taken at the Start in Bimbach at 6:03 a.m.

Very important: The flatrate is applicable only for a single rider at one single event, photographs where you are not in focus or less than half of your body is visible in the picture are not part of the flatrate-deal. We kindly ask you to be fair and not to order photographs for third persons, if you chose one of the flatrates. We have to remove such photographs from your order.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or phone.


Susanne and Florian Schaaf 

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